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5 Ways to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting but stressful time in any couples relationship! You may be experiencing sleeplessness nights, nightmares about what you have forgotten and overall panic about your upcoming big day. These 5 steps could help you sleep a little easier at night -

1. Get yourself a good Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a great way to keep all your notes and ideas together whilst also doubling up as a cute little keepsake to look back on. It’s a good habit to get into early on in your planning to keep all your suppliers' numbers and key dates in one place, so this will really help you to be organised if this is something you usually struggle with. We love this one in particular with spaces for mood boards and also gives you timelines of when things should ideally be sorted by - If this isn’t enough for you and you would prefer a personal touch and professional Wedding Planner then look no further than Key Is In The Detail for your Bespoke Wedding Planning Service

2. One thing at a time

For a lot of Brides and Grooms they have never planned a wedding before so it can be difficult to know where to start. To Do Lists are your best friend throughout this journey! Set aside a day where you get together with your partner or Bridal Party and decide what you will tackle that day, whether it be to find a Hair

and Makeup Artist or decide on what centerpieces you would like once you’ve started ticking things off your list it become so much easier. It might also be helpful to keep a notepad by the side of your bed so if you can’t sleep and ideas are running riot you can make sure they don’t get forgotten by the morning!

3. Take time for you

During the wedding planning period it can start to consume any healthy relationship, whether that be between you and your partner or with family and friends. So on the days that you haven’t set aside for wedding planning try and keep the wedding talk to a minimum and take some time for yourself. Whether that be to exercise, meditate or partake in your favourite hobby. The same can also be said for you both as a couple too, make sure you are going on regular date nights so you can really enjoy each others company and your engagement.

4. Join online wedding communities

It’s important to remember that you’re not the only couple who are planning a wedding or have ever planned a wedding in the past, so you are not alone! Joining Facebook Groups are a great way to chat with other Brides and Grooms going through the same stresses as you. You will also notice that people are asking the same questions as you, so you can get all the answers and find some amazing local suppliers along the way. Don’t suffer in silence, head over to and ask away!

5. Don’t forget it’s your wedding!

Sometimes it can be easier said than done but don’t forget that it is your wedding, no one elses. Asking for peoples opinions on your wedding can then be a slippery slope into people telling you what you should do. It’s impossible to please everyone so make sure you take a step back from it all to regroup and remember what is important to you and your partner.

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