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Let's Talk... Hen Do's

As a bridesmaid it is part of our role to organise the most amazing hen do we possibly can for our Bride. But, with so many different options around, it can be quite a difficult task. Does the Bride want everyone there from mums and aunties to work colleagues and friends? Or is it just going to be some time with closest friends and a small do? Will it be filled with Sashes and willy straws? Or will it be a quieter event?

Well, here are a couple of suggestions for all options to hopefully help:

Firstly, for the Bride who wants to have everyone there. There is the option of hiring out a venue such as the ‘Crewe and Harpur’ with Peak Venues (They also have other accommodations available). This is your very own pub!! It is amazing! It can sleep up to 34 guests with 17 bedrooms. There are rooms in the main building and then 3 little cottages on the back with a social courtyard in between. This is such a good place for people of all ages to visit, there are social areas for people to be able to congregate and play games and drink together using the bar area. Or there are lounges within the little cottages if someone would like to sit this one out and get their head in a good book for a couple of hours. It is only a short drive to Buxton, Bakewell, Chatsworth House or even Alton Towers, so there are plenty of options for activities if you want to leave the pub at all. But there are companies such as ‘smoke and mirrors’ who will come to you and do murder mystery nights.

For the bride who would prefer a house away from home. There is Air BnB! This website is an amazing place to find the perfect accommodation for Hen Do’s. Whether your wanting a girly retreat somewhere abroad or in a major city in the UK, you can use Air BnB to find some luxurious houses in amazing locations. Most people of course, already know about this website, however, might not think to use it to find a big house to accommodate all Hens. From Liverpool to London, Berlin to Amsterdam, there are so many options. All you need to do, is to find out where the bride would like to visit…that’s the not so easy part, especially if it is all a surprise!!

​Sometimes, it is easier to allow a company to take the pressure off a little and organise the Hen do for you. There are companies out there such as ‘Hen Weekends’ ( or ‘Go Hen’ ( who have some amazing destination suggestions, along with activities you can do whilst your there.

You can also build your own unique hen weekend if you want to. Companies like this have been organising hen weekends for a long time, so know all the best places and things to do which can make it all a lot easier.

Although the Hen Do can be a difficult thing to arrange as you have to find a time that everyone is

available, and then collect in payments from everyone, it is also going to be one of the most memorable parts of the build up to the wedding and no matter what you end up doing, the Bride will have the best time being surrounded by the people who mean the most to her.

It will be filled with laughter, tears, tears of laughter, willy straws (Maybe) and so much love!! ​

Have fun girls!! Give your Bride the send off she deserves!!

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