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What does it mean to be a Bridesmaid?

First and foremost, you will be the Brides wing-woman and support party throughout the planning stages of the wedding. She has chosen to present you in her Wedding Day as you are an important part of her life and someone she wants by her side through it all, as you have been in the past. There is no greater honour for a friend than to be a Bridesmaid, but there are responsibilities attached! ​

What responsibilities does it include? This will depend on your Bride, she may ask certain things of you, or she may do most of the planning herself. But the more you can do without being directly asked will be appreciated. If you have not yet been a Bride yourself, you may not know how stressful this time can be. The number one way in which you can help your Bride, is to be available and open minded! She will need you to prioritise any pre-wedding appointments and be open to giving feedback whilst also being flexible to compromise. Even if pink is your least favourite colour, try and keep this to yourself! ​ You may also need to motivate your Bride to make some important decisions or help her de-stress with a glass (or bottle) of wine. These are the unwritten duties of a Bridesmaid along with hen party planning, dress shopping and hair and make-up trials.

What costs are involved? Again, this depends on your Bride and her financial situation. She may be able and willing to pay for everything, nothing or somewhere in between, but this can sometimes be an awkward conversation to have between friends. If you are not sure it may be worth approaching the subject gently by asking ‘’How can I contribute?” so you both know what to expect and can start saving accordingly. Along with dress, hair, make-up, shoes etc. there may also be additional costs such as hotel room, transportation and wedding gift. ​Weddings aren’t cheap affairs but so, totally worth it!

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