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Where Do Bridesmaids Come From?

I don’t know about you, but I always thought it was funny that, as women, we spend our lives making sure we follow the latest trends, but be seen in the same outfit as your bestie and its fashion suicide. Flash forward to your wedding day and you put your closest friends in the same dress which is similar to yours. Seems a little mad doesn’t it?

​Well, according to history, being a bridesmaid is actually a life saving operation. Dating back to Ancient Rome, a bride may have to travel many miles to get to her groom. There would be bandits or ‘rival suitors’ try and stop her along the way. ​

So, putting the girls in a similar white dress and even a veil would add confusion to who the actual bride was, giving more of a chance for the wedding to go ahead as planned. I imagine the chance you may be chased on the way to the ceremony would add some more stress to any wedding day. It’s difficult enough getting ready on time. ​ Bridesmaids wouldn’t necessarily even be the Brides friend or family members. They would be domestic workers or “servants”. Literally, the Brides, maid. I can’t imagine they were paid enough for that!!

Of course, the role of a bridesmaid has changed slightly, we no longer need to worry about a bandit holding the wedding car to ransom, or another suitor chasing us down on the way to church. But it is still one of the greatest honours to be asked to be a bridesmaid for your best friend or family member and I am sure we can all agree, we would still protect the bride with our lives.

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