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Where do Wedding Traditions come from?

If you’re in the middle of planning your wedding you may have started to question some of the Wedding Traditions that you've seen at the past and wondered ‘Why do I have to wear a Veil?’ or ‘Do I have to toss the bouquet?’. There are some parts of a wedding that can seem a little strange but these have been done for hundreds of years and so it has now become normal practice at most weddings... but where did they come from?

Wedding Dress

You may think that the Tradition has always been for a Bride to wear a white wedding dress but this was not always the case! In 1840 Queen Victoria was the first to marry in a white gown and this is where the tradition stuck. Before then Brides would simply wear their finest, most expensive dress regardless of the colour.

Giving Away the Bride

The tradition of the Father ‘giving away the bride’ is one which goes back hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. Before marrying for love was an option a marriage would be more of a business transaction between the two parents. Hence why the Father traditionally hands over his daughter to her new ‘owner’ and the same is still commonly done today.


Having a veil is something which most Brides opt into wearing on their big day to keep traditions alive but these were also worn in history to hide a Brides appearance until the transaction was complete. Only after the couple have said their vows would a groom be able to see the face of his new wife. Can you imagine???

Wedding Rings

This may well be the oldest tradition of them all dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptians. They were the first people to place a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believed that there was a vein which began here and ended at the heart, how cute!

Wedding Cake

During medieval times the tradition used to be that wedding guests would bring along a homemade pie, bun or cake and these would be placed in front of the newlyweds in a pile. The groom then had to try and kiss the bride over the pile of sweet treats. Luckily this has now turned into the traditional tiered cake that we know today.

Bouquet Toss

Hundreds of years ago it as considered lucky if you were able to touch the Bride on her wedding day or better yet snatch a piece of her veil, dress or even hair (ouch!). Hence why Brides started to throw their bouquets in attempt to distract the women and chase after the flowers instead of her. It is now known that if you catch the Brides Bouquet it will be you who walks down the aisle next!

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